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Polga (pole yoga) Beginners Course + Pole

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Polga (pole yoga) Beginners Course.
Have you dreamed of getting more flexible and becoming stronger using a fitness pole? Curious what all the hype is about pole fitness? Love yoga? Then let us introduce Polga (pole yoga), "where yoga meets the pole".

We have come up with a Polga for Beginners Course that will introduce you to and show you "Polga for Beginners". This Beginners Course has 16 modules including pose breakdowns, types of stretching, and meditation/relaxation. Plus Bonus Nutritional Guide!

And right now, you can get your the course at our introductory pricing of only $179 + shipping. 

What you get in the Course...

Purchase your Polga (pole yoga) for Beginners Basics Course. Course includes sixteen modules which covers:

1. Installing your Pole

2, Pose Breakdowns

3. Polga Workouts

4. Meditation & Relaxation

Bonus: Nutritional Guide