Studio Start-UP Kit - Stiletto Gym Mobile
Studio Start-UP Kit - Stiletto Gym Mobile

Studio Start-UP Kit

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A step by step guide for planning and launching your own studio.  Take the less stressful route when beginning to plan for and starting your studio.  Perfect for individuals who have been thinking about starting and owning their own studio but does not know where to start and for those who are dedicated to their dreams and ready to put the work in to get started.  


The Studio Start up Kit was designed as a starter point to planning and organizing what you will need in starting a studio.   Workbook takes you through what type of studio, policies and practices of your studio, marketing and promotional plan, and much more.  This kit is NOT designed as  your end all be all but will aid you in your journey to studio ownership.  

My name is Frankie G and I have owned my own studio since 2006 and want to assist others in beginning their own studio ownership.  This kit is designed as a starting point for studio ownership.