Celebrate Sexy At THE Stiletto Gym!

Have the best bachelorette party, girl's night out, or overall amazing experience with your favorite girlfriends at one of the Stiletto Gym's famous parties! They are a Guinness World Record Holder!

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Carla "Frankie G" Mock-Gilfry is the owner of the Stiletto Gym™ and the creator of Polga™ (pole yoga) fitness systems and The Stiletto Gym Chair-letto Mobile Program. Carla is a yoga and fitness professional who performs & teaches in the US. She is the producer and choreographer of Polga (pole yoga) fitness videos for commercial sale. Carla is also a RYT (registered yoga teacher) with training through Yogafit as well as ACE and AFFA certified in Group Fitness Instruction. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a BA in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.


Celebrate Sexy!  - $550                  Pink Stiletto Party    - $20             Black Stiletto Party - $25





 Video Vixen Private Party - $40           Polga (Pole Yoga) Party - $20



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These legs have carried me through life for 52 years. They first carried me through a chaotic childhood, then explored the world as I worked as a Flight Attendant and helped me work as a waitress while I attended college to earn my degree.
These legs carried me through a 25 year career in Pediatric Physical Therapy, gave me stability as I carried my 2 sons in my womb and supported me as I helped them start their journeys to college and adulthood.
These legs have have danced in the rain, skied down mountains, hiked through dense forests and helped me stand through profound loses and joyful beginnings.
As I start my next chapter in life, I am grateful that these legs are still able to carry me towards new adventures, new friendships and new beginnings.


These legs belong to a woman who's life could have gone left so many times. They've survived abuse, low self-esteem, and massive uterus fibroids. They just keep hurdling over any and every obstacle thrown their way. They've come into their own, God fearing, confident, and empowered spiritually. They have a couple of scars but they are thick, strong, and powerful.


These legs have walked away from anxiety and depression and conquered many fears. These legs flew on an airplane for the first time recently to go to California and put their feet in the ocean. These legs hold up a strong young woman who has many more adventures to walk through!



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Our parties will allow you to experience "Sexy Fun" as you celebrate each other and "Celebrate Sexy".  The parties are designed for all to feel sexy, confident, and successful.  All ages, shapes, and sizes find joy, laughter, and success.  Grab your very own group of girls and let us show you a Sexy Good Time!
Call 816-256-5040 to Book your party.  Talk to our friendly Party Consultant and be on your way to your very own Stiletto Gym Party!

How do I book a private party at the Stiletto Gym?

To schedule your party, we recommend you contact us by giving us a call 816-256-5040 or booking through our online system.  Even if you book online, we would love to schedule a call with you to discuss how many people may be in attendance, if you have any special requests and other details of your party.   We are here to make your Stiletto Gym experience memorable and fun! All events should be booked in advance.

When can I book my event?

We highly recommend booking at least 30 days in advance, so you have the best choice of date and time for your event, as time spots fill quickly. These events are scheduled on a person by person basis and there is no specific times or days of the week that we host parties, although Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular.   Our studio is available any time outside of our regularly scheduled classes, workshops, and other scheduled parties.   Communicate your time and date request with our party consultant and we can coordinate a time for your party together!

Do I have to wear Stilettos? 

NO, you don’t in fact most ladies will be barefoot the entire party. But if you would like? we recommend you bring some high heels in for photos.  Many ladies will put on their heels for while and then kick them off when needed.  Heels or No heels is up to you!  We just like the name Stiletto Gym. 

Fill out our party request form OR call us directly at 816-256-5040