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Thank you for your interest in the Stiletto Gym.   We would love to answer some of the common questions you may have and refer you to our Stiletto Gym friends for additional services. 

Class Questions.

What should I expect and bring & wear to my first pole class?

Wear comfortable fitness attire, shorts work best for pole class and the shorter the better.  If you don't have shorts or don't feel comfortable yet in shorts yoga pants or leggings will work.   A tank top or bra top works the best.  Try not to wear any lotions on your body, hands or legs.  Most of the class will be done barefoot but you can bring your favorite high heels.

How do I register for my class?

Register Here! 



Party Questions.

How do I book a private party at the Stiletto Gym?

To schedule your party, we recommend you contact us by giving us a call 816-256-5040 or booking through our online system.  Even if you book online, we would love to schedule a call with you to discuss how many people may be in attendance, if you have any special requests and other details of your party.   We are here to make your Stiletto Gym experience memorable and fun! All events should be booked in advance.

When can I book my event?

We highly recommend booking at least 30 days in advance, so you have the best choice of date and time for your event, as time spots fill quickly. These events are scheduled on a person by person basis and there is no specific times or days of the week that we host parties, although Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular.   Our studio is available any time outside of our regularly scheduled classes, workshops, and other scheduled parties.   Communicate your time and date request with our party consultant and we can coordinate a time for your party together!

Do I have to wear Stilettos?  NO, you don’t in fact most ladies will be barefoot the entire party. But if you would like? we recommend you bring some high heels in for photos.  Many ladies will put on their heels for while and then kick them off when needed.  Heels or No heels is up to you!  We just like the name Stiletto Gym.  

Make sure you check out our parties page for all the party info  you will need!

Stiletto Gym Party Page!


Our Stiletto Gym Friends party offerings!

Other Ideas while you are in Kansas City and "Celebrating Sexy"

Do you have any suggestions for other fun activities to do to "Celebrate Sexy"?

Yes please call Sazzy's lingerie for a FREE party where she will educate you on all things Sexy & Sazzy!  Let her know  you are from the Stiletto Gym! 

Contact Ms Donna at Sazzy's & set up your FREE party!