Discover What's Next for Stiletto Gym

Introducing the Future of Fitness: The Stiletto Gym Method!

Are you ready to unleash your inner goddess and celebrate your sexy? Look no further than the Stiletto Gym, where we've been empowering women through pole fitness since 2006. From our humble beginnings with just 4 poles, we've grown into a 2700 square foot facility with 20 poles and have served over 100,000 women!

But we're not stopping there. Starting in April 2023, we're expanding our programming to reach even more women across the country. Here's what we have to offer:

  • Pole-based business course: Learn how to start your own pole-based business and turn your passion into a career. Interested in adding pole based classes, parties, and events to your existing gym or studio?  We can help.   We have put together an online course that shows you how and allows you to seamlessly add poles and pole based classes to your schedule.   Our course will take you through what poles to add, different types of classes, parties, and workshops you could add and how to start in as little as 30 days.   
  • Affiliate program: Become a Stiletto Gym affiliate and join our expanding community of like-minded women. Interested in becoming an affiliate of the Stiletto Gym and starting your own Stiletto Gym inspired studio?   Learn more about our Affiliate Program 
  • Sexy Bride Bootcamps: Get ready for your big day with our Sexy Bride Bootcamps. Are you a bride getting married soon or know someone who is getting married?  Let her know about our Sexy Bridal bootcamps.  We have a FREE “Getting Started” bootcamp. 
  • Finding Your Sexy course: Discover what makes you feel sexy in our "Finding Your Sexy" course. Coming Soon. Want to be the first to now when it comes out? Fill out this form.
  • Become a Stiletto Gym Party Exertainer: Party Exertainers are instructors that only instruct in home on location chair dance “Celebrte Sexy'' parties.  No pole or fitness certification, just in home on location parties.
  • Become a Stiletto Gym Method Mobile Instructor: Stiletto Gym Method Mobile Instructors are instructors who are trained in the Stiletto Gym Method and can conduct Stiletto Gym classes, parties, events, workshops in homes, gyms, studios, & events.  These instructors are trained in chair, pole, floorwork, sexy dance, burlesque, and much more.   In order to be considered to open a Stiletto Gym Affiliate location you must have the Level 1 method course complete.

Don't miss out on this empowering experience - join the Stiletto Gym family today and unleash your inner goddess!