Meet Our Instructors


Frankie G



She loves helping others embrace themselves! Flexibility and muscle building is what she enjoys the most. She has been attending classes since 2010 and consistently practicing for about 2 years. She loves pole.




Gabby aka "Queen G"

Queen G has been building self and body confidence through pole and dance for 6 years. Her classes are the Ultimate Confidence Booster and knows how to make you bring out that Alter Who & feel Sexy, no matter who you are or where you come from.


Darius "Just the King"

He has been poling now for 2 years. He's in love with the adrenaline rush he gets from it and just the way it makes him think. When he is up in the air, nothing else matters to him.


Cassie "WInni"

Hi, you can call me Winni! Outside of the studio I’m a farm girl living one scenic road to the next. Like many others, I was terrified of trying something new (learning pole in your mid-30s is intimidating!). What if I’m not flexible enough, not strong enough, what if I’m too old to learn? What I found was a community built on kindness, respect, connection and the empowering truth that WE 👏 ARE 👏 ENOUGH! YOU are enough! Come join our Stiletto Gem family to unlock or celebrate your unique style of sexy, strength and resilience. I’m so glad you’re here!