Pole Dance Therapy!

Pole Dance therapy is not your typical therapy nor does it produce your typical therapy results.   Come experience what therapy looks like and feels like off the couch and on the pole. 

Finding your strength and power physically and mentally “on and off the pole”.  The world may look different hanging upside down, climbing to the top, working as a couple, or finding your Sexy side!

Do we only deal with our bodies at the Stiletto Gym? No way, since body and mind work as a unit! Our life and soul not only need imagination and thought, but also senses, posture, movement and expression.  We often become limited by our everyday experiences and everyday living and we tend to limit the infinite possibilities of movement, these limitations basically silence the real and full experience of ourselves and the world.

While teaching hundreds of women I have noticed that Pole Dance combines the benefits of meditation with those of fitness and the grace of dancePsychologically speaking this mind body experience can produce real change in our lives

Pole Dance is connected with consciousness and confidence in the body.  It sometimes (not always) allows sensuality to permeate. On a psychological level, allowing ourselves to experience dance that enhances the positive side of life and sensuality, opens up a space where these important aspects of the self can emerge and be expressed.

At the Stiletto Gym people meet and practice in a non-judgmental atmosphere, sharing enthusiastic support. From the psychological point of view, all this leads to greater confidence in themselves and in others and eliminates any fear.

As many of you probably know and may have experimented, Pole Dance is  great therapy for our souls, Today I am excited to tell you that beginning this year 2021 I am retiring from “normal therapy” and I will be moving my Therapy practice to the studio and offering Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy as well as life coaching.  Through all my years in the mental health field I have not witnessed more of a change in emotions, behavior, and mood as I do within the walls of the studio and when teaching classes.  I think my work as a therapist is better spent working in the studio working on the pole then sitting across from someone in an office.   Please join me as we kick off this new program with attitude and new experience.