Stiletto Gym Mobile - GEM Licensee Program

You can be a G.E.M (gorgeous, entrepreneurial, mogul),  and Launch Your Own Stiletto Gym Business!

The Stiletto Gym is a “gym” studio dedicated to helping women to get fit, have fun and feel sexy! The Stiletto Gym is your fitness source for various sexy dance/fitness-based classes, workshops and events, hosted in your area. We also provide you with up-to-date information on exciting exercise trends, lifestyle crazes and self-confidence tips to help you lead a healthy, and fabulous life!

The Stiletto Gym has re-defined what it means to be “fit” and what it means to “get fit” and have reached explosive growth over the last few years! Join the Stiletto Gym family and become part of the most Fabulous community around...

The Stiletto Gym Licensees

Our team constitutes of highly passionate and trained Instructors (titled mobile Stiletto Gym Licensees or Stiletto G.E.M’s (gorgeous, entrepreneurial, moguls), who are certified with Stiletto Gym Mobile Systems.  All Stiletto Gym Licensees are motivated and skilled to help average women, on the inside and out.  The Stiletto Gym Mobile is looking for Stiletto Gym instructors across the globe that are inspiring, experienced and talented women to become mobile Stiletto Gym Licensees! If you are interested in running your own classes/workshops and parties and being rewarded with your own business, and having the amazing support of a greater brand, then Stiletto Gym Mobile is for you!

What is the Mobile Stiletto Gym Licensee Program?

The mobile Stiletto Gym Program allows you membership into the Stiletto Gym Community encouraging women to live a fit and fabulous lifestyle! Your Licensee Membership allows you to run your own business, receive the support and expertise necessary to create your own Stiletto Gym events, and reap the rewards of Stiletto -Preneurship! As part of a greater community of women, you are given the tools for marketing, business management, improved choreography, dance/fitness ideas, great advertising efforts and online exposure… all for a LOW monthly fee!

The mobile Stiletto Gym Licensee Program allows you to join the Stiletto Revolution that will help your business expand, leading to new and exciting opportunities!

Is mobile Stiletto Gym Right For You?

The mobile Stiletto Gym Licensee Program may be right for you if:

  • You enjoy teaching and inspiring others through dance and/or fitness
  • You enjoy living an active lifestyle and hold great self-confidence
  • You are outgoing, enthusiast and enjoy interacting with other females
  • You love to have fun and meet new people
  • You enjoy the freedom of being flexible with your schedule & like to set your own hours
  • You are looking for part-time, contract-based or full-time work and rewards
  • You are hardworking & ambitious yet enjoy your time off; a true work-balance lifestyle!
  • You are motivated to generate your own income & reap the rewards of Stiletto -Preneurship
  • You like to be challenged & would like to develop your own business management skills

1 The Stiletto Gym is a branch of Fimb yoga & wellness center LLC.  Fimb yoga and wellness center is the over-arching brand for our three established divisions: The Stiletto Gym, Polga, and Divas Dancing for Divas.  

Welcome to the Stiletto Gym Mobile Family!

Unleash the Sexy Within…