4 Reasons you must host a “Celebrate Sexy” Pole Party @ the Stiletto Gym!

4 Reasons you must host a “Celebrate Sexy” Pole Party @ the Stiletto Gym!


Pole parties or “Celebrating your Sexy '' Parties provide a healthy, fun, and fabulous option instead of sitting at a loud, restaurant consuming calories as you watch other people engage in conversation.   

BELOW ARE THE TOP 4 REASONS YOU MUST THROW A “Celebrate Sexy" pole dance party :

Pole Dancing Parties Bring Out the Fun Freeing Side of You.

We all spend much of our days and nights being the responsible adult and we often forget that inner kid or inner ability to have fun and let go.   A pole dancing party allows you to be silly and have fun with your favorite family and friends.   As you learn how to spin on the dance pole something magical takes inside your soul.  You have to be willing and daring enough to "spin like no one is watching", actually spin like good old times on the playground. You may feel silly doing it at first, however the joy from your heart will make up for any uncomfortable feelings you may have momentarily.

Pole Dancing Parties are very interactive and fun

A Pole party is certainly an interactive event! Being social, even if that is not your nature, is absolutely imperative as you learn the dance moves your pole party instructor or as I like to call them “Exertainers” (exercise entertainers), will teach. There is no awkwardness in hosting pole dance parties as you are there to “Celebrate Sexy” and have fun with your friends and family.  No more dreading how to pump up or engage your guests to get them talking, dancing, and laughing - let the pole & your “exertainer” do the work for you.

Pole Dance Parties are SUPER AFFORDABLE!

We all know the feeling of waking up after your night out and regretting the money you spent!   BUT a typical pole dancing party may cost on average $25- $30 per person and provide you with the best and most entertaining unadulterated fun! 

Pole Party Class Lessons Go On long after you leave the studio. 

If you want to get the maximum value for your Girls Night Out, then you want to do something that will benefit you even after the celebration. Most after party memorabilia comes from photos on our phone and Social Media accounts, but we also will leave  you with your very own “Certified Sexy” Certificate that you can show off to your friends! The moves learned in your pole dance party will be something you can continue to practice and perfect even when you are home alone. You can use the body movements as a quick exercise routine, for a romantic gesture, or just to show off your cool new moves with friends.  The value of a pole party is more than just for the night - It is the party that keeps on giving.

With all of this being said you should definitely book a “Celebrate Sexy” pole dance party at least once.  You can book your very own party with us by visiting our Party Info Page.

We host thousands of events, small to large party groups all celebrating something very unique and different. Our parties hosted are inclusive of all ages, genders. physical ability, and any of course reason to celebrate. We just want to celebrate life with YOU! 

To learn more about our parties or to book your party visit our website Party Info Page or call our studio 816-256-5040.  We also offer in-home courses.

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