7 Ways Pole Fitness is the "Happiness Hack"!

7 Ways Pole Fitness is the "Happiness Hack"!
1. Overcome mental stress – As with other forms of exercise, pole fitness & pole yoga causes the body to release endorphin hormones into your brain. These endorphins make you feel happier, healthier and – theoretically – more energetic.
2. The more you pole the more confident you get, you become comfortable in your own skin.
3. Pole is great for making friends and you become sociable with the other girls in your class – which is also awesome for making new friends.
4. You learn to let go of unhealthy thought patterns and move away from negative self-talk—and as you literally, physically move, dance, and stretch.
5. Exercise in general helps you relax. Adding the pole to the mix is a great stress reliever and in turn helps you relax and even sleep better.
6. Engaging in pole exercise promotes time for yourself, to just dance, stretch, & have FUN!
7.Movement especially when you combine movement & stretch help you release stress and stuck emotions.
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