Bridal undergarments and lingerie, all you need to know!

Bridal undergarments and lingerie, all you need to know!

How to be a Sexy Bride and what Bridal lingerie do you need!

When you think about your big day and your wedding lingerie, you think about the garments under your dress as well as sexy lingerie on your honeymoon.  These items may include bras, and bustiers as well as shapewear and stockings. Since you want to look your absolute best on one of the best days of your life, what you wear underneath your gown is an important as the gown.

The importance of wedding undergarments  

Under normal circumstances, wearing the perfect undergarment makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Finding and wearing the right wedding lingerie has the same effect. Your wedding lingerie will affect how your gown looks on the outside, it is always important to remember that. There should be no visible panty lines or bra straps, this is one the most important tips on how to look perfect on your big day.

What comes first, the dress or the lingerie?

If you are trying to decide on your wedding gown and lingerie you need to know that your gown comes first. By now you know that buying a gown takes more time than you imagined. There are so many choices, but you have to find the perfect dress for you. If you go lingerie shopping first, you may end up with a lingerie-dress combo that doesn’t quite work well together. Therefore, it is advisable for you to choose your dress first, then later find the best sexy bridal lingerie for your dress. Your dress will determine your undergarment needs.

Bring your wedding lingerie to the fittings

Because you now have the ideal wedding gown for you and you have picked your wedding lingerie, you need to bring your lingerie each time to go to fit your dress. It is normal to want to have your dress adjusted a bit to make it just right. Ensure you take your lingerie each time you need to fit. Also, you can consider asking your dress fitter to sew in the lingerie in your dress. This is especially ideal for your dress has a tricky neckline. The last thing you want is to have a flashing bra on your big day.

Do you need a bra fitting?

This is a definite yes. Remember that different designers have different measurements. It is paramount that you have a bra that fits perfectly into your wedding gown. It is important for you to check and compare measurements before purchase. If you do not already know your bra size, you can use an online guide on how to measure your bra size. Bear in mind that your measurements will change if you intend to lose weight before your big day. Ensure you have your lingerie in the right size for your wedding day. A good fitting bra goes a long way in ensuring comfort for you and your twins.

Is a bra a must under my gown?

Whether or not you need to wear a bra depends on your body size and the type of dress you said yes to. For instance, a dress fitted with a boned bodice will offer you better support and thus no need for a bra. As much as most brides prefer not to wear a bra, it is important to understand that a big bust, the lingerie should be the support and not your dress. Therefore, before you decide on whether or not to wear a bra on your big day, take into consideration your bust size and the type of dress you have. Comfort should always be your priority. 


What is the best bra for a wedding gown?

There are numerous styles to pick from. From retro long-line bras to plunge styles, there is a lot to pick from at three wishes. You can be sure to find something that works with your gown’s style and material. If you are working with a backless gown, you will need to go for a backless corset, Basque, strapless or multi-way bra. A balcony bra is one of the most popular designs as they come with detachable straps. They are also very comfortable.

When should I use shapewear?

If the is a slinky gown made of satin, picking shapewear can be a good idea as it will give you a smooth silhouette. However, if you are going for a full-skirted dress, a shapewear won’t make much of a difference. Before you settle on shapewear, you need to consider whether it will comfortable to wear throughout the day. Ensure you buy very comfortable shapewear.

How many sets of underwear do I need for my wedding day?

It is always important to focus on what you will be wearing during the day and “later on”. For comfort and support, you can wear something practical for your gown to ensure you’re comfortable during the day. Then, you can change into something sexier for the after party. You can also have something extra for your wedding night.

Want brides to forget

Always carry a backup. Always a spare of everything, from corsets to stocking and panties to bras. Also, remember that you need to focus on your honeymoon lingerie as much as you focus on your wedding day lingerie. Sexy honeymoon lingerie is sure to set your marriage on a romantic path.

Types of sexy bridal lingerie

Bras and panties

These are the most common type of bridal lingerie in the market. Since it is your wedding day, you want to wear something that makes you feel fabulous.

Barbie doll lingerie

This is a short nightdress that can be paired with matching panties underneath. They are perfect for the first night or the honeymoon. This is a type of lingerie that can flatter any figure as it draws attention to your curves. You can choose to have your Barbie doll lingerie in all white or colored in material such as satin, silk or chiffon.

Teddy lingerie

This is a short nightgown that falls a bit lower than the waist. Perfect if you want to draw attention to your waistline and amazing legs.

The chemise

This is a nightgown that is slightly shorter than your knee length. It comes with thin shoulder straps that can be adjusted for fitting. This is also flattering to all body types and can be paired with a G-string or a sexy matching lace panty.

The corset

This is a fitting type of sexy bridal lingerie that tightens the waist and lifts the bra. A corset is adjustable and comes with laces on the back side. It is perfect for a wedding gown that requires you to have the perfect hourglass figure.

The bustier

This is top that works as a bra and works to streamline your midsection. It is a well-fitting bridal lingerie that goes down to the waist and had garter straps. It can be worn with panties and under your wedding gown if you prefer not to wear a bra.

The camisole

This is set comprising of a loose-fitting top and a pair of shorts. You can choose to pair them with or without pantie. They are perfect for a lazy day during your honeymoon.

Garter belts

Garter belts often come attached to matching panties. They are worn around the waist and can be attached to sexy stockings. If you are looking for a sexy seduction look, you can pair it with a sexy bra or corset for a night to remember.

The kimonos

These are perfect when you want to seduce your husband. They are worn over revealing bridal lingerie and are also see through. They come in different flattering colors and sizes.

I hope you feel sexy and confident on your big day!


Frankie G 


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