How to celebrate with with your girlfriends after quarantine. 5 reasons to get together!

How to celebrate with with your girlfriends after quarantine. 5 reasons to get together!

5 reasons to schedule a date with your girlfriends?  After all, you need time to laugh, have fun, and let loose!

Since we have all been isolated and inside for the past few months, and just “stressed women” we need those nights with our girls to remind us that laughter, fun, and dance are essential to our sanity.

Here's how getting together with your girlfriends help you:

  1. Helps you let loose and blow off steam.  We have been taking care and thinking about everyone else and consumed with being teachers, working from home, and not seeing friends or family.   Our girls' nights out help us feel like a more vibrant version of ourselves, when we were more focused on laughing, dancing, and having a good time. Girls' nights are for throwing our hands up in the air and saying, "Girls just want to have fun”!  Whatever activity you do make sure you are celebrating each other and taking time to laugh.  Of course we recommend scheduling a pole dance party or class!
  2. Helps you spend Time with People (real people). No, I don't mean over the phone. Our society may be constantly plugged in, but nothing beats dancing with your friends and taking fun photos and videos so maybe you can post to social media.  We need that personal facetime with other estrogen-filled sisters to feed our souls and to boost our feminine energy.   Women being in the same space sharing fun is one of the best activities you can do for yourself.  Plus, nothing beats a hug from your best gal pal when you're feeling down. They get you, and they'll still hug you if you're feeling down and out about something ridiculous.  A true girlfriend never judges.
  3. Helps to reduce stress and increase your lifespan. Being around others allows you to focus on something greater than yourself and your problems. When you plan a party without an alcoholic coma or drug paraphernalia then the social aspect regenerates creativity and purpose and belonging allowing you to feel loved and needed. We all need human interaction and crave the need of belonging.   Suggest to your friends that you plan a pole dance party, or sexy fitness party, this way you are all together, laughing, and having fun but it does not include the same old bar outing.  After all we all want to live long healthy lives, full of laughter, fun, fitness, and of course "feeling good about ourselves".  Laughter and fun is great medicine!  
  4. Reduces the risk of depression and improve your mood. Dancing and partying among others allows your attention to be redirected to something hopeful and happy. Music and smiling are contagious. The increase in endorphins allows for a productive mood variation that can lessen feelings of sadness.  When you are surrounded by your friends dancing, laughing, and encouraging each other you are increasing the usage of your mental faculties and in a sense exercising them into good health. Stimulating the mind and having fun improves your mental health and brings your focus to a positive direction.
  5. Doing something new and fun with your friends increases self-esteem. The more you bring your girls together and do something that challenges you, encourages you, and teaches you to believe in yourself and to take care and honor yourself, the more positive conversations and thoughts you will have about yourself.   When you allow yourself to practice self care you will develop your inner boldness and courage. You can then use your new found boldness and courage in other social gatherings.    The more this happens the more you will feel comfortable in your own skin.  Imagine being a sexy fitness party and feeling sexy, confident, and successful! Then imagine transferring that same feeling in other situations. 

So, grab your girls and plan a girl’s night out party to celebrate your sexy.  Good excuses to get together maybe to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party, a “back on the market” party, or a “just because we want to find our Sexy party”.  Whatever reason you are getting together make sure you have fun, laugh, and if you can, dance!


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