Pole Yoga: The Next Big Thing For Health And Business

Pole Yoga: The Next Big Thing For Health And Business

Powering the mind and body with yoga combined with pole is a growing phenomena in the fitness world. As pole fitness continues to grow in popularity, the demand for pole-based instructors and classes continues to rise.   Indeed, pole fitness is more mainstream than it ever has been. You can now see pole fitness in Fitbit commercials, and it is now considered an official sport. So, if you think that poles are only used in strip clubs or if you think only strippers use poles, think again. 

     Pole fitness or Polga (pole yoga) can not be singled out as the only fitness program that is more mainstream today, new programs pop up everyday.  So why would you consider Pole fitness or Polga (pole yoga) in the first place?  If you are a gym business owner, why would you want a Polga (pole yoga) or a pole fitness program in your gym?   Polga & pole fitness could be the little tweak for your business that will contribute to its growth.  Offering pole classes is a game changer for a fitness business, providing great health benefits and a fun workout.  This kind of work-out in the fitness industry generates not just yoga enthusiasts but also income for some of those who want to be trained while having the fun they desire. Polga (pole yoga) or any pole based class, is for everyone; pole enthusiasts, yoga lovers, and those who have never stepped foot in a gym or studio.  

Investment in new fitness programs is sometimes quite tricky, but making the investment in a pole based fitness program will be so worth it.  The pole population is growing at phenomenal rates and gyms should be early adopters to this trend.  Pole has grown so much that almost every city has a pole studio, and often several. So, why are pole based classes a big plus in a gym?  Pole fitness is a complete body workout that can be done in a small to medium size room with poles 6 ft apart.  When fitness meets fun, it will surely give a positive result.  In the gym or at home, pole based workouts are for those who are looking for a fun and very effective workout.  Polga (pole yoga) or pole based classes can be done in a group session or class, a “fitness party”, or one-on-one training.

Pole has come a long way baby.  When I opened the Stiletto gym and created Polga (pole yoga) pole was brand new and people still associated it with strippers, now pole fitness is more mainstream than ever.  However, even though pole fitness is growing in popularity, it can still be judged.  Despite progress in the public’s understanding of what pole is, many of us still fight stereotypes. Some of pole fitness's loudest critics have never tried it themselves.  Even if pole fitness and Polga (pole yoga) are completely athletic and far removed from the type of pole dancing performed in strip clubs, we still need to educate some on the power of the pole.  But, as more time passes, people will accept pole and Polga (pole yoga) as legitimate forms of exercise and fitness.  So, time to conquer the steel barre!  Let pole grow into your business.

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