Polga “Pole into Spring” 90 Day Flexibly Fit Challenge!

Polga “Pole into Spring” 90 Day Flexibly Fit Challenge!

Polga “Pole into Spring” 90 Day Flexibly Fit Challenge!  Feb 10th -  May 15th

Beginning February 10th   Polga (pole yoga) and the Stiletto Gym will begin a 90 Day Polga (pole yoga) challenge.   Commit to our 90 challenge and work out at home using our Polga Pole.   Get into the best shape of your life before Spring.  Go into summer 2020 feeling your best.  We are now an affiliate for weight watchers so those of you interested in losing weight during the 90 days can use a special Polga code. 

Challenge consist of:

  • Polga (pole yoga) Fitness Pole
  • Weekly Facebook lives
  • Private Facebook page
  • Fun, easy to follow workouts
  • Weekly virtual weigh in & measurement tracking (for those of you on a weight loss journey)
  • Weekly flexibility & strength assessments.
  • Daily meditation & relaxation reminders.

3 Options available to purchase program.

  1. Cost $179+ shipping includes the fitness pole and 90 days online membership. Purchase Pole Shipped
  2. Cost $179 (no shipping) Kansas City pickup includes the fitness pole and 90 days online membership).  Purchase KC Pickup
  3. Already have a fitness pole and want to participate in the challenge? Cost is only $35.00 for 90 day challenge. 

How to register for the challenge

  1. Complete registration. Complete Form Here!
  2. Complete pole purchase & have pole shipped or pick up in Kansas City studio.    
  3. Register online for membership site.  This will be sent via email after completion of registration form.  

See what others think about the program!  See how easy the pole is to install!

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