Quick 10 min "Mood Boosters"!   brought to you by the Stiletto Gym.

Quick 10 min "Mood Boosters"! brought to you by the Stiletto Gym.

With so many of us trying to find ways to feel better these days let us help you with a few "mood boosting" activities.  Try a few of these activities this week and see you what happens.  
  • Get present.  There is nothing like focusing on something in the here and now.  A Stiletto Gym class helps you focus on something fun and positive for at least one hour.
  • Count your blessings. Think about or write down what you’re thankful for. Expressing gratitude creates an instant mood boost.  Before you get out of bed take 2 min and reflect on everything you are grateful for. 
  • Snuggle up. Climbing under a soft blanket for a few minutes might provide a “warm & fuzzy” feeling. Researchers found there’s something about contact with soft things that just makes us feel better.
  • Do something nice for somebody else. Small actions such as holding the door for the person behind you, sending a quick love text to a partner, bringing a friend to a Stiletto Gym class, buying the person behind you their coffee, think about how you can be nice. 
  • Listen to a happy song.  Positive messages.
  • Go somewhere quiet.  Lock yourself in the bathroom, take a bath, go to a lake or park.  Find someplace just to be still and quiet.
  • Cuddle. Physical touch can decrease stress, make us feel happier, and even improve health.   During the season of Covid this could be a challenge.
  • Hang out with a pet. Cuddling, playing, or just chillin’ with your pet can help us feel happier and less stressed.
  • Meditate. Meditation is a great quick way to feel instantly better.  Just a few minutes of sitting quietly, focusing on the breath, and maybe chanting a few Oms (silently or out loud) can help you out of your funk.
  • Laugh. Laughter can cheer us up and decrease anxiety.  Do something to promote laughter and fun.  Go ahead,  get your laugh on.  
  • Do something new.  Adding something small to a normal routine can change your day. Take a new way to work,  register for a Stiletto Gym class,  part your hair on the other side, just shake up your routine.
  • Dress up.   Go shopping or  take a moment to put on your favorite outfit, do your hair and makeup and call a friend for a coffee date.
  • Notice small miracles. Look around for small wonders of the world. Watch what news you allow into your world.  Listen to messages of hope and encouragement and leave the negative news behind. 

Please visit our website and join a class or book a party for even more "Mood Boosting" activities.  www.thestilettogym.com 

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