The Benefits of Pole Dancing for Your Emotional & Mental Health!                                               Let the Emotional and Physical Healing Begin

The Benefits of Pole Dancing for Your Emotional & Mental Health! Let the Emotional and Physical Healing Begin

The Benefits of Pole Dancing for Your Emotional & Mental Health

As many of you know I own the Stiletto Gym & Polga (pole yoga) Fitness.  I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor with a master’s degree in counseling psychology.   My passion is to assist individuals, especially women feel better emotionally and physically and live their best lives.  I want to take a moment to clarify what pole is and is not and encourage you to check out the benefits of pole for yourself.  You will not be disappointed and will become addicted to the emotional and physical benefits. 

What pole is not:

Pole is not just for “strippers” nor is everyone who uses the pole for fitness a “Stripper”.    The pole as come out of the clubs and into fitness studios, gyms, & homes across the world.

What pole is

A form of exercise fitness that is fun, challenging, and addictive.  Pole is great for a full body workout and is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. 

Why pole fitness is so important today!

In our world today it often seems difficult to come to grips with the state of the world, many people are yearning for that strong sense of community and acceptance that somehow became scattered this year and being we are in the “Corona season”.  Now more than ever, people are turning to an unlikely place to find it … their local pole studio or making a space in their home for a pole or better yet both!

Is using the pole for fitness the answer? Maybe not entirely, but it sure can help

Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression and even low self-esteem are all issues that can be alleviated by partaking in physical activities like fitness. The "pole approach" may seem unconventional, pole fitness has a unique and powerful way of helping people to restore their confidence, decrease anxiety and depression as well as reclaim their sensuality, all while building incredible strength.

As pole fitness professionals, me and my staff help create a culture of movement. We support you as you figuratively move out of unhealthy thought patterns and move away from negative self-talk—and as you move, dance, fly, and smile. The pole community is made up of people from all walks of life. Pole forces you to be vulnerable in a loving, judgment-free zone. 

Pole dancing as a form of exercise has grown in popularity over the past decade with classes available to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. In the past there has been a stigma attached to pole dancing but as pole fitness/dancing becomes more mainstream then the stigma begins to disappear and you are left with the emotional and physical benefits of the pole.   

As the owner of the Stiletto Gym & Polga (pole yoga) and a pole instructor I enjoy watching the confidence of women grow from class to class, week to week, month to month.  “I love being in a room full of people and watching them go from being scared and intimidated at the beginning of class to being proud of the moves they are able to achieve and the strength and confidence they feel by the end.”

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