the Video Vixen Experience

the Video Vixen Experience

2021 The Stiletto Gym is offering  a new kind of party!  “The Video Vixen Experience” will be a new workshop, party, & one on one private session that the Stiletto Gym will begin to offer.  

Video Vixen is designed for the NON DANCER!  Think of a boudoir shoot only different.  This is a new way to allow all of you Sexy ladies to do something fun for yourself and share the results with someone else if you would like, or not.  

If you have ever thought “I wish I could look like J-Lo at 50” or “I wish I could do a burlesque routine like in the movie Burlesque” well now you can.  Watch as we transform you into a “Video Vixen”.  

Video Vixen is designed to help you to channel your inner goddesses and  allow you to exude nothing but confidence and sexiness. The Stiletto Gym will provide a safe and exciting space for you to step outside your comfort zone to discover your beauty, sexuality and power.

Please call 816-256-5040 to schedule one-on-one appointment or find out when the next workshop will begin.  

In Person & Virtual workshops

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