Why is the Fitness Pole a.k.a "the stripper pole" the best idea in fitness?  Some common questions answered.

Why is the Fitness Pole a.k.a "the stripper pole" the best idea in fitness? Some common questions answered.

Why? The pole

Pole fitness has increasingly grown in popularity in the fitness community, and there are several reasons why!

There are many beneficial effects of pole fitness & pole yoga, aside from being a total body workout!  It is great for flexibility, strength building, and confidence building.

So what is pole dancing/pole fitness and what does it mean?

Pole dancing, pole fitness is often an activity in self-expression, self-acceptance, and a damn good workout.  Not to mention, the absolute best way to stretch ever!

Doing dance, stretch, or movement on or around the pole often feels like a form of meditation, it is like going into a fabulous trance.  Pole classes and pole activities are often very supportive in nature, whereas other dance/fitness forms can be more competitive.  You often find yourself among a  diverse bunch of people all celebrating body positivity, self expression, and self acceptance.

Common ? answered!

Is pole considered a mind/body workout?

People often don't feel connected to their own bodies and there is a disconnection between the mind and body. Pole fitness/yoga/dance will help you find or develop that connection and instead of walking around just dragging your body around all day your mind and body work in harmony.   Like yoga, pole fitness is a good way to change your perceptions and help you become aware of all the different possibilities you can actually do with your body and mind.    

Is it an effective workout?

Pole fitness & pole yoga combines strength training, endurance, cardio and flexibility. It uses the muscles of the entire body, you will find muscles you didn't know you had!   It is a different way to look at your workout experience, it is a great addition to your existing workout,  and it teaches the power of using body weight to workout. 

Can it be used as a confidence building tool?

Whether you are working on improving your strength or flexibility, or your competence on the pole, what you do on the pole will carry into your everyday life. You'll find yourself sitting up straight, improving your posture, being able to bend over easier, getting  up and down off the floor with ease, and just "feeling better" overall.

Is pole good for your heart and blood flow?

Just like any type of aerobic training, pole fitness is as beneficial for your heart. Since all the muscles are working, this consistency promotes blood flow. Good blood flow helps ensure that the cells in your body receive optimal amounts of oxygen and nutrients it needs to help your body function correctly. This is especially significant for those of us who spend hours sitting in a chair working or driving.  

Is the pole good for sleep?

Many of us don’t get enough sleep, or just have trouble falling asleep. Just as important as any training, getting your rest is one of the most important components of good health.   Workouts such as pole fitness or yoga engage both mind & body  & combined with stretching are great sleep aids. 

All in all, not only is pole fitness great for your body and your mind. It’s a great way to get in shape while encouraging your self esteem and self-awareness

Looking for a fun workout using the fitness pole?  Looking for a fitness program that you will stick to?  Looking to improve your flexibility and strength?, why not add pole into your fitness routine?  The pole has come a long way from the strip club!  The pole is now a legitimate workout performed by both women and men.  This is a fitness trend that is fun and “here to stay”.  

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