Women need Women, Compliment Challenge

Women need Women, Compliment Challenge

When was the last time you complimented another woman?  When was the last time you received a compliment from another woman. I challenge you and I challenge me to compliment at least 1 woman per day for the next week.  We all know that today’s world has changed just a bit and we are all feeling a little overwhelmed and isolated these days.  Gone are the days of complimenting a random girl in the bathroom at a bar. Compliments make everyone involved feel good about themselves rather you are the giver or the receiver.   It is so healthy to learn to give compliments and learn to receive compliments.  

Here’s why:

1. What we admire in others, we can learn to foster in ourselves

Sometimes we compliment people we admire because we see in them what we desire in our own lives or what we believe we can or can’t accomplish.  We admire them for their style, their flair, or their success. What we notice and admire in others really could help shape our own desires and aid us in identifying which areas we’d like to improve, change, or try something new.  Next time you compliment someone take notice of what you like about what you are complimenting them on and how you can try something new yourself. 


2. Complimenting someone else doesn’t make you less, in fact it makes you more!

Remember there is enough of everything for all of us.  Abundance is all around you and just because someone else has a piece of the pie does not mean you don’t get any of the pie.  You are beautiful and capable, but so is the next woman. Yes, you have impeccable style, but so does someone else. Complimenting someone else doesn’t take away from how great, powerful, or pretty you are. The spotlight is big enough for all of us. We can all be beautiful, stunning, and radiant at the same time. There shouldn’t be any competition amongst women, as we’re all different shapes, sizes, and colors. That’s the beauty of being a woman. Genuinely complimenting someone doesn’t make you any less beautiful, in fact it makes you more beautiful. 

3. We all need to be lifted.

You never know, who may need a compliment today.  You never know how your words and sincere compliment can turn someone's day around or make them smile.  Sprinkling “compliment glitter” can go a long way.  You could really brighten someone’s day without realizing it.  

4. You could make a new friend

I know this to be true. I own the Stiletto Gym and in classes I often have my class complement other women in the class. You will not believe the friendships that happen just by breaking the ice with a compliment.  


5. You could learn something new

A simple compliment can yield a wealth of knowledge. When you compliment another woman you may learn something about her or about her; favorite shops, hair stylist, makeup ideas, skin care regime, and so much more.  

Complimenting another may or may not be natural for you.   Maybe you are more of an introvert and approaching another woman may not feel natural.  I have a solution,  start by complimenting someone you know but not well, this person is someone you are acquainted with but is not a friend and not a stranger.  Start there and work your way to complimenting strangers.   

Women need women, but don't’ forget you need the right kind of women; you need positive women! women who are genuine, supportive, loving, and helpful to one another. There are so many things in the world that can tear women down, so let us build each other up. 

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