Stiletto Gym Classes (Kansas City)

Join us for one of our scheduled weekly classes. 

Register for Class

Make sure to fill out our Waiver located at the bottom of the page, in the purple pop up bar!

Due to Covid 19 and our Reopening process we are limiting the amount of participants in class to 12.   Our reopening day is Saturday May 16th for classes.  Registration and payment are required and No Refunds will be issued.  Please see the following policies as be begin our reopening process.  

Class participants must:
·     Class size is limited to 10
·     Register for class and pay before class. No Drop-ins Allowed (Registration must complete 12 hours before class).
·     NO Refunds!
·     No early arrivals, no more than 10 min before class
·     Recommended to bring in own yoga mat
·     Face coverings are recommended but not mandatory, and we will offer some “Sexy” custom made mask for purchase.
·     Please make sure you are feeling well and please do not come to class if you are sick.
·     Make sure you wash your hands and clean your pole before and after class.
·     Clean towels will be provided at each class, if you wish you can bring in your own towel.
·     Please adhere to social distancing.
·     Because we are unable to spot at this time, aerial tricks for new students will not be allowed. 
·     Please bring water! water will also be available for purchase.
·     No more than 3 people in one area of the studio at a time. If you need to chat you can “social distance” outside.

    Can't wait to see everyone. Register for class as limited spots open
    NO DROP IN's.