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Eight Weeks to Confident, Sexy, & Fabulous

Eight Weeks to Confident, Sexy, & Fabulous

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Get ready for an amazing eight-week journey to boost your confidence, feel sexy, and have a blast! Join Frankie G and her awesome team of experts for a series of weekly sessions designed to help you look and feel fabulous in 2024.

Program Highlights:
Duration: Eight weeks, starting March 13th and ending April 24th.
Weekly Sessions: Wednesdays, 6:00-7:15.

Course Content:
Pole Dance
Chair Dance
Diet and Nutrition
Finding Your Sexy from Within
Goal Setting
Mindfulness & Meditation
Pole Yoga
Reveal Party
Sexy Photoshoot (Boudoir Shoot)

Additional Benefits:
SEXY Swag Bag: Get a cool swag bag at the end of the eight weeks.
Big Surprise: Stay tuned for a surprise at the reveal party!

Who Should Attend:
If you're serious about feeling more confident, sexy, and fabulous, this course is for you! Join us for a fun and empowering journey to become the best version of yourself in 2024.

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