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Pole Therapy!

Pole Therapy!

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As human beings we all experiences life not just in our mind but in our bodies.  So many of us have some disconnect with our minds, bodies or both.  Most of us want to produce long-lasting changes in how we feel, think, and act. Traditional psychotherapy addresses the entity of the "mind" through verbal methods and often leaves out the bodies’ portion of the equation.   Most individuals seeking therapy are searching for a new experience of themselves.    My holistic approach literally gets clients "moving," which serves as a behavioral intervention positively affecting self-concept, body image, and confidence.

In my 20 years of counseling I have yet to observe changes of the magnitude that occur in my students when I teach my pole fitness classes.  I witness profound alterations in how one experiences and views their body and transformation occurs in women of all shapes, ages, and ability levels.

Years of Counseling Practice: 20+ Years
LPC Licensed Professional Counselor
Year Graduated: 2000
Degree: University Central Missouri Psychology Degree
Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology - Year graduated: 2000

  • Group Offerings
  • Individual Sessions
  • Couples Sessions
In Studio/In Person or Virtual Sessions Available

Body Confidence & Self Esteem through Pole Dancing
Very different from traditional psychotherapy the group focus is strictly on movement and facilitating physical and emotional expression through dancing; which, in particular, provides an empowering and safe way for women to connect with their emotions, bodies, inner strength and creativity. Pole dancing is unique in that it transcends all forms and styles, which allows for creative expression.  Self esteem and self confidence are addressed by learning to connect women to the beauty of their bodies, mind, and space.   Groups consist of women of all ages, shapes, and abilities.


Individual Sessions are 75 minutes 

Cost $100 per session

4 sessions for $360
- Accepted Payment Methods: MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Check

Group Sessions $25 per person


 Call 816-256-5040 to schedule your consultation or fill out our Interest form!


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