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The Unapologetic Women

The Unapologetic Women

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Are you ready to become the bold, confident woman you were born to be? Join us for a transformative experience at "The Unapologetic Woman" Workshop, hosted by FrankieG. This immersive event on October 14th from 8:30 am to 12 pm will ignite your self-assurance and propel you towards success in every aspect of your life.


🦸🏼‍♀️ Confront your Insecurities: Acknowledge and accept them, so they don't control you.

🦚 Embrace Confidence: Step into your power and radiate unshakeable self-confidence. Let go of doubts and fears, and embrace your true self with pride. 

🌈 Visualize Your Success: Harness the art of visualization to manifest success in all areas of your life. Craft a positive mindset that opens doors to new opportunities.

💃 Pole Therapy 101: Experience the unique fusion of movement and empowerment with Pole Therapy. Strengthen your body, enhance flexibility, and feel liberated in a supportive space.

🦋 Create Your Alter Ego: Explore the realms of self-expression by crafting your very own Alter Ego. Navigate life's challenges with a newfound sense of resilience and creativity.

💋 Finding the Sexy/Confident Woman from Within: Uncover your inner strength, beauty, and power, so you can shine brightly in the world.

🎉 Don't miss out on this opportunity to step into your unapologetic self and embrace your journey towards personal growth and success.

Reserve your place today for only $49 (price before Oct 1) and begin your transformation!

** After October 1st, price is $59

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