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Video Vixen Experience Workshop

Video Vixen Experience Workshop

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Video Vixen Workshop Valentines Special

Valentines Special.  Normally $300

Video Vixen is designed for the NON DANCER!  Think of a boudoir shoot only different.  This is a new way to allow all of you Sexy ladies to do something fun for yourself and share the results with someone else if you would like, or not.  

If you have ever thought “I wish I could look like J-Lo at 50” or “I wish I could do a burlesque routine like in the movie Burlesque” well now you can.  Watch as we transform you into a “Video Vixen”.  

Video Vixen is designed to help you to channel your inner goddesses and  allow you to exude nothing but confidence and sexiness. The Stiletto Gym will provide a safe and exciting space for you to step outside your comfort zone to discover your beauty, sexuality and power.

Video Vixen Workshop

5-Session Program 

90 min sessions (last session is the video shoot) 

Class Choreography with modifications for individuals in the class

Costume Consultation

Video Vixen Video  (with individual cameo)

$150 4-Session Program + Video Day!

Session One Wednesday January 20th 6 pm
How to tap into your Sexy side, even if you don't think she exist.
Part one of choreography (group & individual) that you will practice all week.
Session Two Wednesday January 27th 6 pm
Begin this week with stretch & visualization to tap into your "inner goddess".
Part two of choreography (group & individual) that you will add to week one.
Session Three Wednesday February 4th 6 pm
Costuming & what will look great on you!
Putting Dance completely together
Session Four Friday February 5th 6 pm
How to carry this new found confidence & feminine side into your everyday life
Dress Rehearsal
Video Day Wed Saturday February 6th
5 pm

Here the group dance will be recorded and your cameo performance recorded.
Each individual will receive a professional quality group video & cameo video.
Cost $150- Includes all classes, Video shoot day, custom group & cameo videos for each participant.
Limited to 10 people must register, No drop in allowed.
Mask must be warn during weekly classes but can be removed for video shoot.

Once payment is made you will be contacted via email or phone to complete your registration. 
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